Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heritage Albums

Preserving your old photographs in a heritage album is so easy when you have digital scrapbooking skills. This is my grandmother when she was only twenty five and my mother at three. The blended background paper and metal brooch with reflected glass overlay are two of the projects we cover in the Advanced Class.

Credits: Pressed Flowers, vintage photo frames, and pin - Katie Pertiet. Pen - Mo Jackson, Background papers blended with ephemera from the web. Fonts: Jefferson and Jane Austin

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Carol said...

I'm completely with you on the preservation aspect, and not only that, being able to write who it is, the year, and even a bit about the photo is the best part. Never having to look at old photos again and wonder who it is, what's their story, where the photo was taken. That's the best part of the heritage pages.

Susie, the clarity of these pictures blows me away. What an absolutely gorgeous woman your grandmother is. She almost looks modern in an antique setting. I bet she was ahead of her time.