Sunday, August 31, 2008

Making Cards

Jessie's still flavour of the month because it's her third birthday. She's obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine so I decided to give her a train ride. I selected her out of a photo and placed her on the train carriage with a drop shadow. For the back of the card I chose a matching blue as my foreground colour and white as the background colour. To get the same effect, go to Filter, Render, Clouds. Each time you do this the cloud formation will be different. Click on the image to get a closer look.
Credits: The fairy and tag are from Katie Pertiet's "Fairy Dreamer Kit". Get the Thomas the Tank Engine photo here for free. The fonts are: Two peas - Well Behaved and Susie's Hand.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pretty in pink.

Our advanced digital scrapbooking class starts soon so I thought I'd create a page using two of the papers you will learn to make. The pattern maker is a fabulous way to create digital paper and this gingham design is a good example. The background paper is so quick and easy using my grunge overlay and I've added a spring flower overlay created by Rene Bross. Adding a torn edge is another class project and it looks great on any paper. The course outline for the advanced course includes, Making digital papers like those you see above, collage papers using ephemera, photos and illustrations, bevelled and embossed papers and that's just in week 1.

In week 2 we will be creating a page curl from scratch, corner folds with custom shadows, digital tags and stickers. In Week 3 you will learn to create a postage stamp, postage cancellation stamp, a postcard journaling mat, create and install brushes and align gridlines.

Week 4 will be devoted to learning how to extract part of a photo to pop out of its frame and a beautiful brass brooch frame with a reflected glass overlay.

Credits for the above layout:- Alpha, recoloured from Botanist No 13 (your class kit), Buttons - Botanist No 7,
Pink Card - Blossom and Grow kit, String - Threaded Wraps 3, Stamp - Once upon a time kit - all by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.
Spring flower overlay - Rene Bross Designs at Digital Scrapbook Place from the Dreamsicle kit.
Staples - Shabby Miss Jen, French Attic kit.
Fonts: Trajan Pro.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homework project for my students.

This is just for my Community College students. On Friday I will give you full instructions for creating this page from your class kit. This is a "homework project" and by the end of the third week you should have all the skills you need to create it. It's not compulsory of course but may help you get a layout done from beginning to end. Just click on the image to get a close-up look.
Credits: Botanist No 13 Kit, Pressed Flower and Vintage Photo Frame - Katie Pertiet.
Fonts: Castellar, Carlotta and Chaparral Pro.