Thursday, October 30, 2008

Using blend modes for backgrounds.

I often use blend modes with papers and photos to create an interesting background for a scrapbook page. To create this card for my brother's 50th birthday, I searched Google Images to find a suitable "horses and hounds" photo and some cute fox hunting illustrations that would work well with my design. I always do an "advanced search" for the highest resolution images. Choose extra large from the dropdown list. It looks complex but it's not really. I used the pink, textured background paper from Shabby Miss Jen's French Attic kit and then changed the Hue/Sat so that it was a slightly desaturated green color. Press Control+U to bring up the Hue/Sat dialogue box (or use an adjustment layer) and change the Hue to +42 and the Sat to -7. These settings suited my photos but you may need different settings for yours. I placed the photo on the layer above my textured paper, changed the blend mode of the photo to color burn and then erased the areas of the photo that I didn't want with a soft eraser brush at 50% opacity. The photo of my brother is on the next layer above with a blend mode of darken. Again, a different blend mode might suit your photo. Rather than extract his head from a photo, which can take a while, I just put the cropped photo on top and erased the sections I didn't want like before. When you use a blend mode, many areas of the photo disappear anyway so there is not much erasing to do. The last thing to add on that side of the card is the photo frame. It really is that easy.
Credits: Textured paper - Shabby Miss Jen, French Attic Photo Frame: Katie Pertiet - Deckled Edge Photo Frames
Fonts: Chopin Script, Hana and Kunstler Script.

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Carol said...

Blending for the background is such a cool thing to do, particularly if you have a good photo but it's blurry. Sometimes it seems I have a lot of those! LOL

Gorgeous pages.