Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jessica Sprague's Daily December Template

One of the templates I used in my Christmas Recipe Book (featured above and below) was Jessica Sprague's Daily December Template. If you have been looking for this template kit then you need look no further. The wonderful thing about layered templates is that you can clip your own papers and photos to every layer. Place your paper above the layer you want to group with and hold down the Alt key while you hover between the two layers. When you see two little circles, click the mouse button. The template layer will now be filled with your photo or paper. See how differently my page turned out using Jessica's template. I changed the orientation for a start. Go to Image, Rotate Canvas, choose 90 degrees clockwise to get my orientation. Did you also know that you can save individual template layers as a new file? This means that you can use elements in a template on another page without having to open the template again. For example, select Jessica's little tree stickers layer, right click and choose, duplicate layer. A new menu will appear. Under destination, click on the down facing arrow beside the box with the document name and select "new". Type a new name for the file and click okay. The tree stickers will now open in a new file the same size as the template. To reduce the size of this file, go to image, trim and click okay when the next dialogue box opens. Now the tree stickers will fill the frame. Save as a .png file so it will remain on a transparent background and use less file space.

All the credits for this book are available to view in the Shutterfly Featured Book post so I won't repeat them here. However, there is one more little trick I want to tell you about. See the "O Christmas Tree" sentence? That comes from a lovely overlay by Katie Pertiet, called "Worth Repeating Holiday Brushes-n-Stamps". When you open that overlay you have the same sentence repeated over and over in different fonts. If you only want to use one line, use your rectangular marquee tool to select it and copy and paste to your scrapbook page. Select the colour you want with the eyedropper, highlight the sentence layer and press Alt+Shift+Backspace to fill with the foreground colour.
So why did I do this instead of just typing the sentence myself? This particular font, called Olicana Smooth, is 45.00 English pounds. Yes, you heard me right! It's one of my all time favourites and Katie uses it a lot. Isn't it true that the more expensive something is, the more we covet it? The other fonts I've used here are, Carlotta and Santa's Sleigh and Susie's Hand.
Happy Christmas everyone!

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