Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wedding Invitation.

My son is getting married in February and they asked me to design the wedding invitation. I am going to create the wedding album for them also as a gift so we decided to theme the whole thing. I took Fiona for a stroll through the DD store to choose a kit and she fell in love with Anna Aspnes "Fancy Love" kit. Hmmm! I wonder why? This is their finished invitation with the words of Shania Twain's "From this moment" which is the song Fiona's going to walk down the isle to. I know this is not a traditional invite but it's exactly what they wanted. So here it is.
Credits: Anna Aspnes - Fancy Love Kit Font: Jane Austin.

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Carol said...

Oh Susie, I have only just read this, it's absolutely beautiful. What a gorgeous gift you have with your talent to give them.