Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rounded rectangles and using the stroke command.

Happy New Year everyone! To kick off January 2009 I’ve created two more quick pages for the Scrapper’s Guide Premier Members from the kit by Amanda Heimann called “Come Out and Play” made exclusively for Scrapper's Guide. I just love working with bright colours and my reading theme was perfect for this month. Some of you may know that I support the “Read Every Day” program at my local primary school. I love reading so much that I couldn’t bear the thought of a child not having the same opportunity to develop a love of books. To some children it comes naturally but others need help. If you have the time, the inclination and the opportunity to assist at your local school by listening to children read, I can assure you that you that the rewards are far greater than the effort required.

This is my niece, Emily on her first birthday. Notice how engaged she is! My sister reads to her children every day and has done so since birth. It’s never too early to introduce a child to books. Mem Fox is one of my favourite children’s authors. The words around the photo on the left are some of her “Ten read-aloud commandments”. Do visit her website for she is a very inspiring writer. Now I'll get off my soap box and give you a few scrapbooking ideas. Click on the image to get a closer look.

These layouts are very simple to create and here are a few tips.

To put a stroke outline around your alpha:-

Make sure that black is your foreground colour. Select your alpha by Control+clicking on the layer thumbnail to get a selection outline. Go to Edit, Stroke, choose 5 pixels and inside for the location. Click okay.

To create the rounded rectangle, stroke outline journaling frame:-

Click and drag out a rounded rectangle shape with a radius of 100 pixels and rasterize the layer. Create a new, blank layer above it. Control+click on the rounded rectangle layer thumbnail to get a selection outline and then click back on the new blank layer. Go to Edit, Stroke, choose 5 pixels, black for the colour and outside for the location. Click okay. Now delete the original rectangle layer because you were only using it as a guide. Now you have a stroked rectangle to use as a frame for anything you like.

The fonts I have used for this layout are: CK Ali’s Hand, Weirdo, Arno Pro and Century Gothic
These last two fonts came with Windows XP.

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