Monday, May 4, 2009

May Templates at Scrapper's Guide.

There are so many extras for all those lucky Premier members at Scrapper's Guide this month. Because our templates are layered, you can mix and match the elements to your heart's content. Each month I try to come up with something a little bit different so that our members have more things to play with than what is provided in the kit and the video tutorials. I've made a thought bubble with a scene inside, a negative sleeve pocket with some little journaling tags and a big text path that can be used in either PS or PSE. This month's kit, called "Recess" is by Heather Roselli of Sweet Shoppe Designs. She is such a talented designer and I really enjoyed working with these beautiful papers and elements.

You might like to know how I created my thought bubble. Have you ever had a good look through all of the custom shapes available in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements? The thought bubble is one of them. So, here I've used it as a frame. You can put anything inside it such as journaling, a photo or do as I have done and create a little scene. Heather provided so many beautiful elements that it wasn't hard for me to put this scene together but... how did I get it all into the bubble?

First of all you need to click on the shapes tool in the tool box and click the custom shape. When you go to the options bar and click on the down facing arrow, you'll find all the shapes available there. Scroll down to find the bubble and click on it. Make white your foreground colour and click and drag out the shape on your page, holding down the shift key to constrain proportions. Right click on this layer in the layer's palette and choose, rasterize shape. Now it will be a regular pixel based layer. The next step is to begin creating your scene. As you add the elements they will each be on a separate layer. This is a good time to resize them to the proportions you want. Don't worry if they don't seem to fit the bubble yet, that comes later.
When you have everything resized and repositioned, select all the element layers and merge them together so they are all on one layer. There are two ways you can place them in the bubble.
The first way is to create a clipping mask. With the elements layer above the bubble, position your mouse between the two layers and press Alt/or Option on a Mac. When you see the two circles that appear, click. Now your scene falls inside the perimeter of the bubble. You can still resize and move it around to get it just right because it is on its own layer. You can resize both layers together with the transform tool or independently of each other. Once you're happy with everything, merge the two layers together to make it permanent.

Now for the second way you can put your scene into the bubble. Prepare your scene like before and then merge together so it is all on one layer. Position it so that it fits your bubble roughly but there will still be overhanging elements. Control/Command and click on the layer thumbnail of the bubble to get a selection outline. Now target the scene layer. Go to Select in the menu bar, choose Inverse to select everything except the bubble shape and press the Backspace/Delete key. This deletes all parts of the scene that are outside the bubble. Now merge the two layers.
The last thing I needed was an extra little cloud leading down from the bubble. The shape only provides two. With the rectangular marquee tool, click and drag a selection outline around the little cloud and press Control/Command J to duplicate the layer. Drag the new cloud into position and resize to make it smaller than the one above it. Now merge the two layers together.

Last but not least, don't forget you can flip your bubble as well to suit your photo. Press Control/Command T to bring up the transform outline. Right click inside to bring up the sub-menu and choose "flip horizontal". Now the bubble is facing the other way. Have fun!

Credits: Fonts - Pencil Pete, Tall Drink, Ma Sexy, ck_Ali's Hand, Century Gothic and Century School Book. Photos for Beach and Bubbles, Nicole Young.

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