Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creative Shape Design Video Tutorial

This is my last video for October and you only have a few days left to download it as part of Digital Scrapper Premier before the November issue is released. After that it will only be available in the store at the normal price. I love playing with vector shapes. In this video you'll learn how to cut a rectangle in half to make way for a circular frame, thread string through a hole and wrap text around a shape. There are two videos, one for Photoshop and one for Photoshop Elements. I've also created a couple of text paths for you to copy and paste to your finished page.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corner Page Curl Video Tutorial

Page curls are wonderful for revealing hidden treasures. In my latest video tutorial you can learn the secrets of using the Dodge and Burn Tools to create a 3D effect. Once you have created the perfect shaped curl, you can use it as a clipping mask for other papers. So you only have to create the shape once. Click on the Scrapper' Guide link at the top of my blog to join Premier so you can download this and three other video tutorials.

Friday, October 2, 2009

October Templates At Scrapper's Guide

Although it's now Fall in the USA, in Australia we are celebrating the return of Spring. This is my favourite time of year because I take the opportunity to go out and photograph our beautiful native flowers. On the Central Coast, where I live, we have an abundance of exquisite wildflowers all through the bush, even Waratahs. These photos were taken in a hall at the Mt. Penang Spring Garden show where the light was quite poor. I avoid using the flash because it ruins the natural colours. I use spot metering, an ISO of 1600 and sometimes even increase the exposure to +0.3 or +0.7. You would be amazed at how this lightens a dark photo before you even start working on it in Photoshop. The quick fix in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is to press Control/Command L to bring up the Levels Dialogue Box and move the right hand slider towards the centre and then the middle slider to the left slightly as well. Instantly your photo will lighten as much as you want.

One of the problems with using an ISO as high as 1600 is that it creates "NOISE". The noise will also be more noticeable when you lighten a dark photo. Noise looks like black specks. To clean up noise, download the free filtering program called "Noiseware". The download is on the right hand side of this blog under the heading "Freeware Programs I Use". You can use it independently of Photoshop or pay $50 and buy it as a plug in that will end up in the Filters menu after it's installed. I used the free version for quite a while but when I upgraded to CS4 I purchased the plugin so I can do everything without leaving Photoshop. It is without doubt the best free program on the web. I use it constantly, even for cleaning up old photos that look grainy. It makes all your old photos look like they were taken with a digital camera.

This month's kit by Susan Bartolini of Sweet Shoppe Designs is gorgeous to work with. I just loved it. We have four exciting new videos for our Digital Scrapper Premier Members to download and the full Quick Page Album for you to get a head start on your October pages.
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