Sunday, June 27, 2010

Center Of Attention Video Tutorial

I really love simple and elegant pages. In this video you'll learn how to create this layout using a magical extraction method without having to do all the work. You'll also learn a few tricks about creating stroke outlines around photos that aren't uniform in size and get some great tips on making word-art.
Premier members get this video as part of their subscription but after the end of June it will only be available in our store at the normal price.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding Digital Scrapbook Kit

Digital Scrapbooking Kits specifically designed for weddings can be hard to come by. At Scrapper's Guide we've created an elegant kit and full, 20 page template album that's Shutterfly-ready to make scrapping your family wedding super easy.

Premier members automatically received this kit as part of their discounted monthly downloads. But if you aren't a Premier member then you need to go and check it out before it goes into the store at the normal price. Click on the blinkie at the top of this blog to pop over to Scrapper's Guide and see what's on offer for June. We have four wonderful videos, and a 20 page layered template album as well as a flattened quick page album to save you most of the work. Our motto is "Get It Scrapped". We make it so easy to get that wedding album on to your coffee table in the shortest possible time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Calling All Angels

Every now and then you come across an Angel (or two)! Angels are people who share their resources and techniques with the rest of us just for the love of it.

I took a detour from my usual scrapbooking duties to search for vintage images that I could freely use in my design work and came across an angel site called, The Graphics Fairy. Karen, who owns it, along with a beautiful antique store, uploads new vintage graphics on her blog every day. They are scanned at a high enough resolution to be used for all types of art, craft and scrapbooking projects both personal and commercial. Two of her fans also own an antique store and they made these adorable little lavender sachets from graphics downloaded from her site. Clara and Marcela from Nice and Easy Antiques, were kind enough to share with me their techniques for printing the pattern onto the fabric. So I spent several hours yesterday shopping for supplies and making my lavender sachets.

You'll need to open the images in Photoshop first and extract the design. Open the Levels dialogue box and move both the end sliders towards the center to make the white whiter and intensify the black. Use the magic wand to select the white area, then go to Select > Inverse so only the black is selected. Press Ctrl J (Mac: Cmd J) to copy the black outline to its own layer. Create a new file the same size as your transfer paper and drag the extracted design on to it. If you like the blue, change the foreground color to Hex: #21217A and with the design layer selected, press Alt, Shift, Backspace (Mac: Option, Shift, Delete) to fill the pixels with blue. Repeat with as many designs as will fit on your paper, keeping in mind that you may want to transform the size up or down depending on the size you want your finished graphic to be. The other thing to remember is that any wording must be reversed. Use the Transform tool and flip the layer horizontally.

I used Epson Transfer paper to print my graphics and I cut them out as close to the edges as possible.
Then I simply followed the instructions that came with the paper to iron them on to some white cotton muslin. I made four which I just sent off my my sister-in-law for her birthday and have several more ready to go. They make such a beautiful gift and a wonderful lavender fragrance is wafting through my house. Thank you, Karen, Marcela and Clara for sharing! You truly are angels!